An old strategy report (2011) from the Economic Development Board says that “Sonoma County is the most auto-dependent county in the Bay Area,” referring to its lack of an extensive public transit system. Not much has changed since then. Vehicles in the county still mostly use fossil fuels, and transportation is the greenhouse gas emissions sector that has been hardest to reduce.

Vision Zero, Meet VMT Reductions

Todd Littman, Planetizen Many jurisdictions have vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reduction targets, intended to reduce congestion and pollution. They can also provide large but often overlooked traffic safety benefits. Many jurisdictions are officially committed to Vision Zero, an ambitious goal ...

Cars & Other Motor Vehicles

by Joel Woodhull Conflicts Cars have many obvious virtues. They are the mainstay of our transportation system. They are deeply imbedded in the ways we live and will likely remain so for a very long time. Being associated with the ...

The Day Traffic Disappeared

by Randy Kennedy The New York Times, April 20, 2003 When Queen Elizabeth opened the new City Hall in London last year, some observers compared the building, designed by the architect Norman Foster, to a giant eye. And that is ...
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