Transportation Funding

If people paid for their transportation the same way they they pay for their food, it would be a lot easier to understand transportation funding, and to understand why there are so few choices left for them. Although government intervenes in all sectors of the economy, the transportation sector receives far more intervention than the food sector.

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News & Articles on Transportation Funding

Fixing potholes could suck up all the new “Measure M” money

A Pavement System Preservation report is summarized on page 22 of the SCTA’s TAC agenda for this Thursday, September 26. The report says that an additional $964 million would be needed over the next 30 years just to maintain existing ...

The funding game

Transportation funding is a complex web of money, taxes, and fees that is determined and handled at all government levels. Ostensibly, the rules are set up to assure that tax funds will be distributed equitably and will be spent efficiently, ...
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