Vision Zero

Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries while increasing safe healthy equitable mobility for all. Vision Zero has proven successful around Europe and is now gaining momentum in major US cities.

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Location of Sonoma County bicycle and pedestrian fatalities and severe injury 2008-2018. Click map to see entire county.

Map courtesy of the  Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS), Safe Transportation Research and Education Center, University of California, Berkeley. 2019.

Local Updates

Sonoma County was awarded a $660,000 grant in May 2019 to start a program based on Vision Zero to increase safety for pedestrians. The County will begin by collecting better data on traffic fatalities and injuries.

The Santa Rosa Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan (June 2018) recommends that Santa Rosa adopts a Vision Zero Policy.

The San Francisco Vision Zero program is based on four types of actions

Education: Safe Routes to Schools programs and public education programs about safe ways to drive, bike, skateboard and walk.

Engineering: Identify the most dangerous intersections and modify them to be safer for people walking and biking. Add bikeways and sidewalks that are separated from cars.

Enforcement of traffic laws: The greatest harm to pedestrians comes from cars not stopping or yielding to people in crosswalks, at red lights and at stop signs.

Evaluation: Track traffic fatalities and injuries to see where education, enforcement and engineering should be focused.

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