Measure M

Measure M Reauthorization

SCTLC Policy Statement: Reauthorize Measure M, but with 50% for transit, bike and ped this time!

As federal and state funds for transportation dwindle, county and regional ballot measures become the main tool for innovation and development of local transportation systems.

Sonoma County passed Measure M (Traffic Relief Act for Sonoma County) in 2004. Measure M raises locally-controlled funding (a 1/4 cent sales tax) for transportation projects within the county, including Highway 101 widening, road improvements, pothole filling, and supporting the SMART train, buses, and bike/ped infrastructure. SCTA administers the funds through the Measure M Expenditure Plan.

The latest Measure M Strategic Plan can be found here.

Fixing potholes could suck up all the new “Measure M” money

A Pavement System Preservation report is summarized on page 22 of the SCTA’s TAC agenda for this Thursday, September 26. The report says that an additional $964 million would be needed over the next 30 years just to maintain existing ...
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